I FaceTime My Man But Hate Texting Him


I used to enjoy texting. Then I got into a serious relationship with Stephen. The more he and I text, the more I wanted to see his face. Enter FaceTime: the new and improved version of texting that may or may not lead to flashing dicks and sexy time. Which isn’t a bad thing if you like that sort of thang.

The first time Stephen and I went on FaceTime it just felt right. It’s as if he was right there with me. FaceTime is also a quicker way to communicate. I’m extremely impatient so it bodes well for my relationship. I don’t have to wait for him to text me back and stare at the phone every 5 minutes – yaaaay!












That’s just one of the reasons FaceTime is way better than texting. Here are the others:

You avoid misunderstandings.

We all have our own texting styles. You may be very talkative over text, forming paragraphs and using punctuation. While your boo may be into emojis or prefer short and concise responses. Speaking of grammar, many women believe that receiving a text with a period at the end of the sentence indicates the texter is upset. I say, it’s just punctuation.

I also feel that responding with curt responses means the texter isn’t interested in speaking. And, if that’s Stephen, I address the situation and that usually turns into an argument. FaceTime helps me and Stephen avoids these types of misunderstandings. Seeing a person’s facial expressions and hearing their tone of voice helps detect their mood. How great is that? Very!

FaceTime your boo when in a long-distance relationship.

If your partner is away often for work, texting alone may not suffice; it won’t keep the romance alive in your relationship.

FaceTime is far more intimate and personal (wink wink). You get to see your partner, hear their voice…and do other things, if you know what I mean.

You can even fall asleep together on FaceTime and wake up with your boo right next to you – just one screen away. Corny, I know, but I love waking up with Stephen!

You won’t have to pull your hair out waiting for an infuriating late reply text.

Lord knows how much I hate late replies. I freak and get so angry thinking about what Boo can possibly be doing that is more important than texting me back. Nine times out of 10, he fell asleep.

When you FaceTime instead of text there’s no need to creep on Facebook timelines or Instagram profiles. Also, it gives you the ability to multitask. I can put my phone down and cook while Stephen watches me. He can put his phone down and play 2k while I watch. Say goodbye to petty arguments about who responded the slowest.

Using FaceTime allows for space.

Some of us grow tired of our significant other. Although it’s not the case for me, it does happen a lot. If you need some time for yourself, but don’t want to hurt your significant other, FaceTiming is perfect. 

Endless conversations.

Over text it is super easy to cut a conversation short without really trying. On FaceTime conversations seem to go on forever. If you’re into that sort of thing, FaceTime is an amazing way to communicate. 

FaceTime brings couples closer than ever before, while texting always seems to screw shit up. If you’re not a FaceTime person, at least give it a try and watch how your relationship blossoms. Stephen and I barely text anymore. Most of the time, we’re on FaceTime and I love it.